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My Pokemon and Anime Wants List
Megane Glaceon

Grail and high priority stuff comes first, so if there are multiple offers with ones not listed in my grail or high priority, I will get grail and high priority items first.


battle sheet gum DP card Glaceon (all kinds of it) http://postimg.org/image/opl1lh6k1/
(I already have Glaceon vs. Chimchar)
High Priority:

Glaceon Gallery Figure (release???)

Genesect movie w/ Eevee friends short DVD
Leafeon crystal puzzle (Glaceon too if it exists) I forgot to save a pic. of the Leafeon crystal puzzle when it was on sale

Glaceon plush that moves ears, legs, and head, and talks(dream plush)
pokemon mini games wanted:
pichu bros mini, pikachu race mini, and togepi's great adventure

shiny glaceon GX En.
shiny Reshiram GX En.
Glaceon Gym promo card 385/sm-p
Flygon Boundaries Crossed 53
diamond pearl breloom secret wonders
exp. share
time space distortion
pokemon catcher x2
ace spec card
memory berry
Figures or plush:
Glaceon suyasuya cable figure (2)

toys, keychains, etc.:
reshiram gold colored tcg coin

(death the kid items have high priority as well)

(only doujinshis with Death the Kid in it that I am missing)
Now owned: heart and soul

Chinese hard to find doujinshi
(title) 刊名:《拿粽子拯救你,我的爸爸》
(produced by) 出品:FOX動漫社
(category) 類別:Soul Eater Fanbook
CP:爸爸%博士 S瑪
属性:惡搞 /邪惡 /清水
(age) 年齡向:全年齡
(size) 尺寸:B5
頁數:40p左右 (pages)

SE cafe tumblr white (I already have the brown one)

Kilala mascot keychain plush

Detective conan kurasushi gold award detective badges 2 set

Ga​mes want/wishlist:
(I literally have to catch up on a lot of games/will buy more once I complete some of the ones I already own)

fire emblem 3ds
Conan wii metropolis investigation wii
trinity universe ps3
witch hundred knights ps3
Time and Eternity ps3 game
kingdom hearts 3
ff7 remake
hyperdemension neptunia psvita
@field psvita
final fantasy X/x-2 ps vita
shining resonance switch
Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair
persona 5
digimon story cyber sleuth 1&2(psvita)  get complete switch ver.
corpse party 2 dead patient and blood drive
Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God - psvita
Atelier Ayesha Plus: The Alchemist of Dusk
trace memory another code R wii
pokemon Colosseum
zelda skyward sword
TRILLION: GOD OF DESTRUCTION psvita limited edition
pokepark wii 1 & 2
alliance alive 3ds
zelda link between worlds 3ds (12/10 added)
graffiti Kingdom (12/30 moved)
The Spirit Camera The Cursed Memoir(w/book)(12/30 moved)
style savvy: styling star (12/31 added)
puzzle adventure blockle switch (4/20/18)
Splatoon 2 switch (5/29/18)
2019 Pokemon game (6/6/18)
Re:Legend switch 6/9/18
Little Dragons Cafe Switch 6/9/18
Tokyo Xanadu 6/9/18
Disgaea 3&4 ps vita
disgaea 5 complete on switch
WorldNeverland - Elnea Kingdom switch
AI: The Somnium Files switch
yokai watch 3 and 4
The Caligula Effect: Overdose switch 8/31/18
Smash bros. ultimate Switch
Mario Odyssey switch
Oninaki Switch
dusk diver switch
tokyo dark remembrance switch
ushiro switch
spyro reignited for switch 1k
code vein pc
miku mega 39s switch
breath of the wild expansion pass

All other wants in my wants list will not be posted