Megane Glaceon

My Pokemon and Anime Wants List


High priority stuff comes first. (I won't buy everything at once, only what my budget allows for that moment and will come back for the rest)
pokemon mini games wanted:
pichu bros mini, pikachu race mini, and togepi's great adventure

Flygon GX Cosmic Eclipse 218/236
Flygon Boundaries Crossed 53
Espeon GX 61/149 sun moon base
Vaporeon GX promo SM172
Hidden fates Zorua
dp breloom secret wonders
exp. share x2
time space distortion
pokemon catcher x3
memory berry

battle sheet gum DP card Glaceon (all kinds of it) HIGH PRIORITY
(I already have Glaceon vs. Chimchar)
Figures or plush:
Glaceon suyasuya cable figure (2)
Shodo Glaceon action figure HIGH PRIORITY
(An Umbreon is releasing so I am really hoping to see a Glaceon too since Tomy failed to release their new Glaceon figure and I ended up selling my old one, but the Shodo figures are much more articulate which I like)

toys, keychains, etc.:
reshiram gold colored tcg coin
Genesect movie w/ Eevee friends short DVD HIGH PRIORITY
Glaceon crystal puzzle (if it exists) HIGH PRIORITY

(death the kid items have high priority as well)
Ones that I am missing
I updated the list, and added photos of the ones I forgot to add.

Now owned: heart and soul

Chinese hard to find
(title) 刊名:《拿粽子拯救你,我的爸爸》
(produced by) 出品:FOX動漫社
(category) 類別:Soul Eater Fanbook
CP:爸爸%博士 S瑪
属性:惡搞 /邪惡 /清水
(age) 年齡向:全年齡
(size) 尺寸:B5
頁數:40p左右 (pages)

also looking for more hidden ones
these don't seem to work anymore but forgot to save the images(they have Kid in these too) black
SE cafe tumblr white (I already have the brown one)
Kilala mascot keychain plush

any 2 working mini Detective conan badges

rinne ageha bushiroad weiss card

(I want the Sho charm)

I have the first one but not this one, so I can trade mine for this if possible
+ hopefully a Sho Kusakabe keychain mascot plush if released

Ga​mes want/wishlist:

case closed mirapolis investigation wii 40
trinity universe ps3 20
witch hundred knights ps3 20
Time and Eternity ps3 game 10
kingdom hearts 3 20
ff7 remake 45
@field psvita 14
final fantasy X/x-2 ps vita 12
shining resonance switch 23
Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair 25
digimon story cyber sleuth complete switch edition 50
Atelier Ayesha Plus: The Alchemist of Dusk
(trace memory) another code R wii 20
pokemon Colosseum 30
zelda skyward sword 20
cladun returns 10
pokepark wii 1 & 2 25
graffiti Kingdom 60
The Spirit Camera The Cursed Memoir(w/book) 5
style savvy: styling star (digital only)  30
puzzle adventure blockle switch 10
Splatoon 2 switch 45
Re:Legend switch 45
Little Dragons Cafe Switch 27
Tokyo Xanadu vita 23
AI: The Somnium Files switch 50
yokai watch 3 and 4 45
Smash bros. ultimate Switch 50
Mario Odyssey switch 40
Oninaki Switch 50
dusk diver switch 32
ushiro switch release date ???
code vein pc
spyro reignited for switch 34
miku mega 39s switch
persona 5
Genshin Impact (for switch)
rune factory 5 switch

All other wants in my wants list will not be posted